Peer Critique

The speaker performed greatly on the organization of the speech whereby she has organized the piece well, the main ideas were clearly identified, and also the purpose was clear and fully supported.  She introduces briefly stating on the importance or rather what entails an ideal trip and goes on to mention the uncouth transportation and handling of horses while on transit and in the slaughter facilities.  The main body is composed of the issue of horses’ cruelty imposed by the handlers and companies involved and the closure of slaughter facilities in Texas which produced horse meat as the law saw it illegal. She concludes by recommending that slaughter facilities ought to be healthy and regulations to be set up to take care of horses. Moreover, she seems to have grasped the topic knowledge well since the supporting material was logical and relevant. She made the audience adaptive to her speech with the laying down of details and the choice of topic which is crucial on the existence of horses in the country.  

The speaker has poor delivery of the speech since she has limited contact with the audience and additionally she read most part of the speech. She should try and grow confidence by maintaining eye contact with the audience and memorize the speech earlier. Also, she mumbles some words which show lack of preparedness and so prior preparation is needed as it makes someone have confidence and well versed with the entire speech.

The critique is absolutely an accurate assessment on the speech since the areas looked into is very important when delivering a speech. For instance, the delivery of the speech entails personal composure, eye contact, tone, and confidence and they all ensure that the delivery is perfect and people comprehend whatever the speech is all about. The speaker uses data which can be used as supporting material in that she noted that in 2007 the last 3 slaughter facilities were closed due to mishandling of horses and more so the tremendous opposition which the whole issue of slaughtering horses had garnered over the years.