Web Exposure
Each advertiser is given a link to their own website and an information page on our website.

Cost Effective
Average ad cost is less than $3.00 a day, which includes a web presence vs. thousands of dollars for conventional, solo direct mail pieces or internet campaigns.

Advertisers will return again and again, year after year, because our program works and our list never gets stale!


The trusted source for all your local golf news, events and updates. Mulligan’s magazine is written for and distributed to private country clubs, yachting & sportfishing clubs, equestrian clubs, and elite social and fitness clubs throughout the United States.
An old marketing adage
A prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. If you are doing your marketing well, you are targeting the right people; your ideal customers.

High Quality
Mulligan’s magazine boast top quality content, understands our readers’ needs and their communities, which is where they live, work and play.

Targeted Demographics
Mulligan’s understands demographic profiling – the formula for successful target market advertising. Typical city home magazines circulation average 40,000 which includes apartment dwellers and low-income homeowners. Mulligan’s regional magazine circulation targets strictly affluent homeowners.

Reader Convenience
Our readers have high disposable incomes but little time to shop. Much like a concierge, we personally shop for the best in lifestyle products and services.

We Limit Your Competition
Uniquely, each magazine is limited to only 2-3 advertisers for each category. Your product or service is never ‘lost’ amongst your competitors.

Editorial Support
As added value, we provide our advertisers the ability to be editorial contributors. Articles are a proven, successful, soft-sell technique. We invite you to become an editorial contributor to educate readers about your products and services, and at the end we list your company’s name and contact information.


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